gods of epic music: two steps from hell

I feel like going to war, vocal chords screaming their way out, lungs working over time, heart doing a drum solo, every time I hear Two Steps From Hell’s music. To Glory is my favorite of theirs. When their music comes on, I walk faster, and I start wanting to punch my way into the world (to the bewilderment of the poor crowd, who have no idea why I (think I) look fierce). Continue reading

settling for simple


Sometimes, I feel like I can do something great. Save the world. Be the hero. Invent something awesome. Be part of an epic love. Live an inspiring life. Be the best someone, ever. Famous, and admired, for doing something important to a lot of people. Continue reading

curiosity killed no bird


It didn’t kill this bird, anyway. If it didn’t kill so many cats and lead to unfortunate accidents, curiosity would be one of my favorite traits in anyone or anything. I find it adorable, that spark of need-to-know. Then when you find out, and you know, and it’s a good piece of knowledge, the world lights up, for a second. It’s a wonderful, healthy sort of high. Continue reading

getting a kick out of googling INTJ memes

I’m really not going to say much, since a lot of it has been said about our personality type already. Hate us or love us, the fact is, I love being me. And you can interpret that to mean, I love being an INTJ, and you’ll find me apologizing about it a few parallel universes away. Anyway, we’re a fascinating personality type. Just check out these memes from Google images:

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crazy, fearless, boss of a kitty


Check out the view. Check out that height. Check out that picture-perfect sass. And cue an epic cool, calm, and collected (invisible) eyebrow raise from a cat that could teach us a thing or two about what it’s like to be so comfortable in your own skin and so unintimidated, that the world is at your feet, literally and figuratively. Continue reading