fairy moments

There is a natural phenomenon that makes me fanciful and gets me thinking that fairies do exist. It is that short span of time-space when humans can peer into an open portal, if he can find it, to watch fairies play.

I’m talking about that magical few moments when the rain has just ended and the sun peeks through the clouds. Somehow, for me, the world manages to grow quiet in those moments. As if the fairies would hear and run away, if the world gabbles any louder.

Sun peeking through clouds

Then the noise returns, the moment is lost, and I smirk at myself: I was too caught up again. I will find that portal. Next time.


This excerpt from the preface of Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan by Lafcadio Hearn is a beautiful articulation of how I feel about Japan and why this country has now taken permanent residence in a part of my heart and soul (or my 心 which is both heart and soul, if you know what I’m talking about *smile smile*): Continue reading

i’m home


The lawn hasn’t been mowed for quite some time. It’s been raining incessantly these past few weeks and Nong Kano is injured too, Papa says, so don’t mind the grass. Not that I ever cared about the grass, but Papa has always been obsessed about the lawn. So I told him, it looks good this way, and then I grinned.
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