Bikan, Kurashiki


Definitely coming by this area in October :) Thanks Troo Adventure!

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Kurashiki is a city in Okayama Prefecture, about two hours west of Osaka by train. Within it, along the canal, is the Bikan Historical Quarter where many buildings are preserved in their Edo Period state to show what the city was like two hundred years ago. The city has even gone so far as to install electrical supply underground to preserve the romantic charm of the area – and the tourist literature is awfully proud of this particular fact.

IMG_3122 copy

The Canal

The town is named Kurashiki after the plentiful warehouses (kura) along the canal’s edge. It was governed directly by the Shogunate, indicating its importance: the canal and the town surrounding it was essential for the transportation and storage of Japan’s most precious commodity, rice.

IMG_3112 copy

Merchant House

Many of the warehouses are preserved in their original forms, as are merchant houses. One, Ohashi House, is open to the…

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i liii~ive

I liiiiiiiiiive! 

I’ve been away from the blogosphere for too long. It feels like I haven’t blogged for months; I realize it’s only been a few weeks. But still, that’s a remarkably long time away to be away from anything internet-related in this connection-obsessed world. I thought I’d miss it the way a regular throat would miss water in the middle of Sahara, but the itch to get online wasn’t that bad, and it faded the longer I was away.

The only thing that kept bugging me was that I hadn’t blogged for the longest time. Facebook be damned (we never liked each other anyway). Twitter be damned (I’m too long-winded). Yahoo be damned (yes, I still use it). BigBangUpdates be damned (ok, not totally, I’m still a BigBang fangirl at heart, and being away when they don’t have much besides GD’s self-inflicted torture world tour isn’t such a big deal). But blogging? It’s my secret stash. My personal thing. My vault of unloaded emotions, opinions, dreams, self-obsession, musings, anecdotes rolled into one, and vomited into a thousand words.

Blogging is what I do because I’m faster typing it up than I am if I wrote it down on paper.

I wonder if I can argue that blogging saves more trees because it would mean using less paper. Someone please tell me if that has some truth to it or not, I’m not quite in that mood yet to research and find out.

Random thought aside, I’m baaaaaaaaaack!

And wow, I think I missed a lot. I don’t think I’ll ever see the end to my Reader list.

A big HI and HELLO to yellowslugreviews! I’m going through your last posts to catch up, and thanks for the liebster! When my work finally decides to let me have a life, I swear you’ll be the first to hear from me. I’m going to answer all those questions, and throw some right back at you, wait and see! haha

So just to list the excuses ways on how I avoided the internet for so long. Well, my family decided to stay over at my apartment and hog my internet. And fill my schedule up with excursions and night-outs and social obligations and trips-to-wherever in the way only a family can manage. When I’m not doing all that, my work is determined to bury me alive. When I manage to have time for myself, I go straight to bed. My pillow is my best friend. I’m a true-blue honest-to-goodness since-birth introvert, and if you’re one too, you will understand how much all this exhausts me. I don’t know where extroverts get their energy; it’s a wonder.

That reminds me, my sister made me take this online test that tells you your personality type. I’m into this kind of stuff, and I was brain dead when I took this test, so I couldn’t have been more than honest. I’m an INTJ. Apparently a rarity, especially among females. Makes me feel all smug. Then again, I have the same personality type as dictators, army generals, fictional serial killers, and sociopaths.

Take it, it’s fun. ;)

keep on movin’: remember the 90s?

I wonder if people even remember Five anymore. I think they appeared on the tail end of the boy band craze in the 90s, and did marginally well, as well as any British boy band could in the wake of the Backstreet Boys and Nsync (Brits win the boy band craze longevity award in any case haha).

Anyhow, their music typified much the music in the 90s – feel-good, stupid-happy-grin-worthy, and admit-it-it’s-wonderful. The last of the clean, non-heavy-angst-ridden music. Mainstream music wasn’t as cringe-inducing as it is now. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it was one of the best decades for music. Hands up if you’re with me. You know in the bottom of your stomachs and the back of your minds that I’m speaking the truth.

Garbage. Nirvana. U2. Alanis Morissette. Destiny’s Child. Hanson. Eminem. Ricky Martin. Third Eye Blind. Oasis. The Fugees. Shania Twain. Jewel. Green Day. Backstreet Boys. Goo Goo Dolls. Ja Rule. Ashanti. (?) Jamiroquai. Aqua. Cher. Barenaked Ladies. Sugar Ray. Smash Mouth. Usher. Kylie Minogue (well, she’s in every decade, haha). Missy Elliot. Fatboy Slim. The Cranberries. New Radicals. Sarah McLachlan. TLC. Britney Spears. Spice Girls. The Corrs. Savage Garden.

Bow down to the truth! And that’s just from the top of my head. You can all probably list a lot more. The 90s was a golden age.

So out of all the golden 90s music out there, waiting for you to reminisce and mourn a dazzling decade for music, why Five’s Keep On Movin’?

Well, I like the song. A lot. Even if Five wasn’t the best out there, this is their best song, released 1999, at the end of an era. It’s a nice song to say goodbye-hello to the 90s to. People still sing this song today without even remembering who sang it. 14 years down the road.

So enough with the rhapsodizing, here is the video. Stupidly grin away, 90s people. We can proudly say, our generation did good for music. Hehe.

ramen after hours


You know what they say, the locals know best, and the Old One up there must have been smiling upon these hungry tourists in Kyoto because a wonderful old man decided to help them. All they had to do was say the magic word : ramen. Thanks for the post!

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it’s not a post about a late night ramen session, but we arrived in kyoto a bit late and by the time we started looking for a place for lunch all the places were already closed for their afternoon break. but this old guy on a bike saw that we were looking confused (how else would a bunch of hungry gaijins look?) and he suggested to help, we told him we want to eat and asked him where he thinks we can go, now he’s the confused one, but when i asked him about ramen, his eyes lit up and he was out on the mission! he hopped on his bike and found a ramen shop, he waited for us to arrive with the ramen chef outside to greet us and tell us the shop is closed, after a weird conversation about how good his ramen is even though he’s…

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spring cleaning…

I’m not sure if I should be posting “BEFORE” pictures; the state of my apartment can be classified under “horrifying”.

It kind of looks like this, only worse:

Actually, I’m a bit lost. I don’t where and how to start. The mess is so bad; I feel as overwhelmed as a kitty getting its first bath in a bathtub.

I have to start somewhere, though. Lord help me.


Try not to drink too much of it. Don’t even think about getting drunk on it. The only excuse anyone should ever have on indulging in “workahol” is if you’re saving lives or making the world a better place.

For the past week, I’ve been working from 9 am to 11 pm on average. It was a Philippine holiday last Tuesday too, but I worked for 9 hours. Last weekend, if I wasn’t running errands right and left, I was praying that I could catch up on sleep. My week went this way: work, sleep, work, sleep, work, eat when I remember to.

Don’t even ask about the state of my apartment. I’m already dreading the major industrial-level cleanup I have to do before my family comes over for vacation.

Here’s the kicker: regardless of how many hours I work on overtime, I get paid a fixed rate. Enough to pay for a fast food meal and a ride back home.

It’s not the happiest of experiences walking by closed shops at night hoping for the next taxi or jeepney to pass by soon, while both your brain and body are double-dead tired from work. Then again, it’s marginally quieter when I leave our office building in the middle of the night. On the brighter side of things, it’s a peaceful scene to walk into. A small comfort, but comfort nonetheless.

I like the kind of work I’m in. But the hours I put in? I sometimes wonder if it’s worth sacrificing the rest of my life and my time.

I’m not that ambitious. I just want to see Japan’s trees, Ireland’s grass, a Manchester United football game, and the sky while I bungee jump as I realize I’m not scared of heights anymore. I want to hear my family laugh and see them smile many, many times. I don’t need to live rich, really.

I just want to have a front row seat while the world as it is now still finds a way to astound me, even when I mistakenly think I’m jaded; and I want it to happen to me several times.

I’m not sure I can do that if I’m staring at a computer 15 hours a day. And trying to get enough sleep, get to work, and get a life during the remaining 9 hours of that day.

It’s a sad day when I stop in my tracks and just stare at the distance, realizing that I’ve worked so hard, I’ve missed being with myself.

I’m young yet. This might just be some form of burnout. Early stages, maybe? Or I’m just tired.

I didn’t want to end up like this:


So I kind of avoided my laptop for a while.

God, I need rest.

If by God’s will He decided to take me away right now, I’d walk up to Him, ask Him if I can sleep at his feet, and proceed to do just that. I wouldn’t mind an eternity of that.

But hey. Again, I’m young yet. I like life. Even if work is currently eating its way through my life.

Braaa~in, braaaaa~in: Get some rest!