I have this friend at work who’s got me wondering whether she really is stressed, or if she likes to be stressed, or both. We have the type of work that loves heaping on the overtime, and every time I moan about it to her, looking for someone to commiserate with, she responds with a list of stuff she has to do, which is almost always longer than the list I have. And I end up listening to her moan about her stress, which means I have to bite my tongue on my own complaints – they can’t possibly be as bad as hers. Then I came across this article, Continue reading

a few of my thoughts on BIGBANG, as a fan


So this occurred to me while I was riding a taxi home on a Sunday night. It must be the effect of watching a series of BIGBANG and G-Dragon videos before heading to the mall. I think it’s also been a musing of mine, for a while now. I refuse to call it a fantasy, although I must admit it’s a lot more like that. Continue reading

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Summer has come to Japan, and with it the preparations for the big festivals across the country. Tickets to fireworks shows are available at every convenience store, and in Kyoto, there is a tingle in the air––a hidden pulse of excitement for the festivities Gion Matsuri and Obon will bring. In Kyoto, Obon, like the fireworks festivals, is all about illuminating the night. Five mountains across Kyoto will be lit with burning kanji characters, lighting the way for the departed making their way back to where they came from.

But before all of those festivals of splendor, there is a smaller, more intimate festival known as Tanabata, or the “Eve of the Seventh”, which was held yesterday, July 7th. This festival sees longs branches of bamboo outside homes and shrines with hand-written wishes tied to their wiry branches. Tanabata was one of the first Japanese festivals I ever…

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i splurged on a bag for the first time in my life


And I haven’t felt this conflicted since the last big storm in the Philippines, where I had to choose between (A) wading through a flood to get some important work done in my office and (B) staying safe, snuggled – not to mention dry – in my beloved bed.  Of course, I chose to wade through that surprisingly strong current. Duty, above all else and all that. This time, though, I think I let my girly, impractical side win over my duty towards my savings account. There goes almost a month’s worth of rent. Continue reading