act without expectation – lao tzu

Never let it be said that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then three words can’t be worth a thousand pictures. 

How many times can an ordinary person can act without expecting something in return, in a regular day? Bet it won’t even reach the fifth finger when you count with one hand. I know I myself won’t even reach the second.

Yet, how many stories do we hear of great “ordinary” people giving themselves to help other people, just because they can, and just because they believe in doing what’s right? I have a friend who’s just like that, and as much as I’m afraid for her life most days, I’m proud to call her a friend.

God bless all those who act without expectation :)



You know you’re going to have a less-than-perfect day tomorrow, when you’re spending a sizeable chunk of the night awake and wondering how to sleep. It only gets worse. You count sheep, and realize two seconds later it’s the dumbest idea ever conceived. You stare into the semi-darkness listening to your companion snore, then silently curse all sounds to hell. You close your eyes hoping your brain gets the message, but the jerk plays Beethoven. You move to a colder part of the house wondering if that will do the trick, but it doesn’t. You move back to that warm bed, but the warmth just ITCHES. It prickles. You know you’ve reached a desperate point of your insomnia when you’re sitting at the edge of the bed, staring into nothing, pondering the meaning of life and where it all went wrong when in truth, nothing actually is going wrong. Continue reading


I have this friend at work who’s got me wondering whether she really is stressed, or if she likes to be stressed, or both. We have the type of work that loves heaping on the overtime, and every time I moan about it to her, looking for someone to commiserate with, she responds with a list of stuff she has to do, which is almost always longer than the list I have. And I end up listening to her moan about her stress, which means I have to bite my tongue on my own complaints – they can’t possibly be as bad as hers. Then I came across this article, Continue reading